CountryMark Biodiesel-blended Fuel

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources. As one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the United States, it is good for engines, good for the environment and good for the energy security of this country.

CountryMark biodiesel is blended with our quality diesel fuel for use in all diesel engines — no engine modifications necessary. In Indiana, no one sells more biodiesel-blended fuels than CountryMark. CountryMark fuel stations also offer more biodiesel blends at the pump than any other fuel marketer in the state.

CountryMark purchases biodiesel only from BQ9000 certified biodiesel producers, which ensures fuel quality and consistency. CountryMark also goes one step farther by specifying strict requirements on glycerin and free water content. By minimizing these components, CountryMark's unique biodiesel specifications ensure optimal fuel performance in Midwestern weather conditions.

If you are ready to try a proven fuel that provides industry-leading power and performance, then ask your local CountryMark branded dealer for these premium diesel products with a biodiesel blend.


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MITS: Why We Run a CountryMark Biodiesel Blend
"We have been running a CountryMark biodiesel blend in our fleet for 12 years and have experienced no issues ..."
Waltonville welcomes first CountryMark retail fuel station
The southern Illinois community of Waltonville recently welcomed its first CountryMark fuel station at 579 South Hirons St.
CountryMark names vice president of finance, administration
CountryMark recently named Jo Biggers as the vice president of finance and administration leading four corporate teams including finance and accounting, information technology, human resources and division orders and purchasing.
Elwood opens CountryMark fuel station, travel plaza
The Elwood, Ind., community recently welcomed a new CountryMark fuel station and travel plaza designed to meet the needs of both over-the-road truckers and everyday motorists.
Fort Wayne Community Schools: Why We Run a CountryMark Biodiesel Blend
"With nearly 300 school buses on the road hauling young kids to school five days a week, we need a dependable, good quality fuel to keep us running throughout the year ..."

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