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If you're looking for optimal gas mileage and engine performance, look no farther than CountryMark's line of all-American PLUS gasolines! All of the gasolines in the CountryMark PLUS line meet TOP TIER standards, which keep engines running smoothly, improve engine performance and reduce vehicle emissions.
These 100% American-made gasoline products begin with American crude oil and are refined to the highest specifications at the CountryMark refinery in Mt. Vernon, Indiana.
For fast starts, quick warm-ups and less vapor lock, all CountryMark gasolines are seasonally blended.

For different vehicle requirements, CountryMark PLUS gasolines come in various octane grades, including regular (87 octane), mid-grade (89 octane), and premium (93 octane). These products are TOP TIER certified, and oxygenated with a 10% ethanol blend, which increases octane, improves engine performance and reduces exhaust emissions.

CountryMark also makes available a 91 octane product. This mid-grade fuel is TOP TIER certified and ethanol free.

For Flex Fuel Vehicle owners CountryMark offers E85.

Ready to see where All-American CountryMark PLUS gasolines can take you? Visit our growing list of CountryMark retail fuel stations that offer these fuels at the pump, or contact a CountryMark branded dealer to discuss fuel delivery options.



CountryMark system raises $48K for National Guard Family Readiness Programs
CountryMark's Fueling Freedom event on June 27 raised more than $48,000 to support local National Guard soldiers and their families.
CountryMark Donates $125K to Mt. Vernon Stellar Communities Fund
Mount Vernon's efforts to be named a Stellar Community recently received a major boost when CountryMark made a $125,000 donation to the city's Stellar Communities Fund.
Engine Life Extended with Advantage Lubricants & Oil Analysis Program
Crum Trucking's goal is to run their over-the-road trucks more than a million miles each with minimal downtime for repairs. CountryMark's high quality lubricants and commitment to service help Crum Trucking reach those goals.
Fueling Freedom to raise money for National Guard families
Make plans now to visit your local CountryMark retail station on Friday, June 27! Fill up with American-made fuel and help CountryMark raise money to support local National Guard Family Readiness Programs!
CountryMark Flex Contracts Help Reilley Trucking Control Fuel Costs
For Brandon Reilley, the fuel buyer at Reilley Trucking in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, CountryMark's price risk management tools have helped him better manage fuel costs for the family's growing trucking business.

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