Prairie Creek area welcomes first CountryMark retail fuel station

Aug 29 2016

The rural community of Prairie Creek, Ind., recently welcomed their first CountryMark fuel station featuring premium-quality gasoline at 15817 State Road 63 southwest of Terre Haute.

“We are very pleased to be embraced by this wonderful rural Hoosier community,” said Curtis Bodine, station owner, who owns and operates two other retail stations in Vigo County. “My family and I have long-standing ties to the Prairie Creek area so it was only natural to return and help provide a great fueling option with CountryMark PLUS gasoline.”

The newly-renovated site also features a convenience store including hot pizza, a sub shop and a bakery including Krispy Kreme donuts.  The Prairie Creek station is open seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Specific fuel products offered include CountryMark’s 87 PLUS gasoline, a TOP TIER certified gasoline that includes a 10-percent ethanol blend.

“Eight of the largest auto manufacturers in the world recommend TOP TIER gasoline because of what this level of fuel quality does for gasoline engine performance and engine life,” said CountryMark Retail Manager Gary Barrett. “That’s the quality of fuel our customers expect from CountryMark, and that is the quality of fuel we provide.” 


AAA Auto Club concurred with auto manufacturers on the value of TOP TIER gasolines. Tests AAA commissioned from an independent lab earlier this year found that lesser gasolines left 19 times more deposits on engine intake valves than TOP TIER fuels after the equivalent of 4,000 miles of driving. AAA went on to say that carbon deposits reduce a car's mileage, increase emissions and hurt performance, especially on newer cars.

The CountryMark fuel at this new retail site is being supplied by Ceres Solutions, a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Crawfordsville. Ceres currently supplies nine CountryMark fuel stations in Indiana.

According to Rick Goff, regional sales & marketing manager for Ceres, “this new CountryMark station has been very well-received by the local community and is helping fill a niche to provide a convenient option for food and a premium fuel choice at a great value.”

CountryMark supplies fuels and lubricants to member cooperatives throughout the Midwest, which then supply energy products to 100-plus CountryMark branded retail fuel stations and 200-plus delivery routes.

“This new station has exceeded our expectations at every level with a beautifully-renovated convenience store, clean restrooms and an outstanding fueling option for local motorists in our CountryMark 87 PLUS gasoline,” said Barrett.

CountryMark’s line of premium liquid fuels begins with light, sweet American crude oil brought in from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. It is refined to the highest specifications at the CountryMark refinery in Mt. Vernon, Ind. Fuel quality and integrity is further protected in distribution, as CountryMark owns its own pipeline distribution system. 

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