CountryMark PDR Makes a Big Difference for Ft. Wayne Fleet

May 14 2014

CountryMark’s Premium Diesel-R has helped Erie Haven Concrete in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, decrease engine repairs, extend engine life, increase fuel economy, and have greater control over their fuel costs. 



John Leedy, Vice President of Operations for Erie Haven Concrete, is the man behind Erie Haven’s switch to CountryMark’s premium on-road diesel fuel. His decision was motivated by costly engine repairs John inherited when he joined the Erie Haven team in late 2012. 


Motivated to find a new fuel
Erie Haven Concrete operates a fleet of approximately 85 concrete mixers that travel over most of northeastern Indiana. In 2012, the company replaced 38 fuel injectors. Leedy suspected that the #2 diesel fuel they were using wasn’t giving the injectors the detergency or lubricity they needed. Leedy spent the first part of his career as a diesel mechanic, and knows first-hand the importance of fuel lubricity. 


“Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel is naturally dry and that’s hard on injectors and fuel systems,” said Leedy.  “As I studied the specifications of the CountryMark premium diesel fuel and the added lubricity and detergency they put in their diesel fuel, I became confident their fuel would help us reduce injector failures.” 


Reduced maintenance cost
John’s theory was correct. In 2013, Erie Haven began using CountryMark’s Premium Diesel-R and the number of injectors they replaced went from 38 to 9, and that number has continued to drop off in 2014. So far this year, Erie Haven mechanics have replaced just one fuel injector. 


“That tells me the CountryMark fuel is doing its job,” said Leedy. “It’s providing the lubricity and detergency the injectors and fuel system need. We have calculated that the better quality fuel has saved us $60,000 this year in repairs alone.”


More miles per gallon 
Erie Haven Concrete also saw an increase in fuel efficiency with their switch to CountryMark Premium Diesel-R. 


“Our miles per gallon increased from 3.08 to 3.22 by switching to the premium diesel fuel,” said Leedy. “That is a 4.5% increase in fuel economy. As a result of the improved fuel economy, we used 14,372 fewer gallons of fuel in 2013, and that increase in fuel performance translated to a savings of $51,000.”


And Leedy noted these numbers were based on less than a full year of experience with CountryMark’s premium fuel at all of their locations. 


“I’m looking forward to re-calculating our fuel savings once we have a full year of data from all of our locations,” said Leedy.


Innovative price risk management tools 
In addition to delivering a product that reduced engine repair expenses and improved fuel economy, John’s local cooperative also introduced him to price risk management tools to provide him with more control over his fuel budget. 


“My account representative recommended a CountryMark flex contract and that worked very well for us this past year,” said Leedy. “I worked with my local cooperative to lock in a diesel fuel price I was comfortable with and that allowed me to buy CountryMark’s premium diesel fuel for the same price the company had purchased #2 diesel fuel during the previous year. By using the CountryMark price risk management tools, I was able to get a consistently better quality fuel for the fleet at a comparable price to #2 diesel fuel.”


Quicker starts
While few diesel fuels on the market today can deliver a 50 cetane rating, CountryMark’s premium diesel fuels can. For Leedy, high cetane is a critical component of a premium diesel fuel, and he and the Erie Haven drivers have experienced the difference a premium diesel fuel can make in how an engine starts and how it runs. 


“Our drivers could tell the difference in the CountryMark fuel,” said Leedy. “CountryMark’s premium diesel fuel is a 50 cetane product and the additional cetane helps engines start more quickly. With a #2 diesel fuel it would sometimes take up to 8 seconds for an engine to labor and then finally turn over. But with CountryMark PDR, the engines start immediately. That’s less wear and tear on starters and extends battery life. With today’s diesel engine technology, I wouldn’t want to run anything but a 50 cetane product, especially in the winter months.”


For John Leedy, reduced injector failures, better fuel economy and quicker starts drive his fuel buying decisions. 


“I like that CountryMark refines their own fuels, that they control the quality of their fuels from the well head to my fuel tank, and that they deliver a fuel that optimizes lubricity and cetane,” said Leedy. “CountryMark’s premium diesel fuel allows us to run our trucks at optimal performance levels, and that’s important to me and everybody here at Erie Haven Concrete.”


About Erie Haven Concrete
Erie Haven Concrete has been providing superior concrete products and services to commercial and residential customers throughout northeastern Indiana for over 50 years. The company has 85 concrete mixers, which are housed at 12 plants conveniently located in six northeastern Indiana counties. 

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