Prevent Expensive Engine Repairs and Extend Oil Drain Intervals with Oil Analysis

Jan 20 2014

North Central Co-op energy sales specialist Chip Boswell recommended CountryMark's oil analysis service, available through North Central, for two reasons: to do preventative maintenance, and to extend drain intervals.



“It’s very similar to you getting a blood test,” said Boswell. “It helps you test the health of your engines.”


Boswell said that the CountryMark Total Analysis Program begins by taking a small engine oil sample and filling out an oil sample identification form. Then the sample is sent to POLARIS Laboratories, an independent, third-party testing laboratory in Indianapolis. Results are usually available within 48 hours and includes a wealth of specific information from the sample. Samples are also compared against information that has been gleaned and compiled over many years from the lab’s extensive database of similar makes and models of engines.


This can help to either 1) accurately pinpoint specific problem areas in the engine, or 2) show that the oil still has plenty of life left in it, potentially extending the engine’s drain interval.


The analysis results are color coded with a severity index ranging from green to red, depending on the urgency of the results. Boswell recommended the analysis, available for any brand of oil, as a good investment.


“We’ve had customers who’ve saved their engines by doing a $20 test,” he said. “But if the test comes back and shows that your oil still has plenty of life left in it, then you can extend your drain interval—which means we get to sell you less oil.”

Boswell’s remarks came at a recent North Central Cooperative meeting held in Wabash, Ind. North Central is one of CountryMark’s 14 branded dealers, and the co-op recently held meetings in Wabash, Middlebury and Winamac, Ind., to bring producers up to speed on the latest developments and information regarding CountryMark petroleum products and services for their diesel engines. 

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