Habitat Home Completed with Support from CountryMark & Community

Jan 16 2014

The Mt. Vernon, Ind., community got a little bigger this week when Danielle Moore and her son, Jaden, accepted the key to their new home on Second Street. 


Wiping away tears of joy, Moore thanked her parents, friends, Habitat for Humanity and CountryMark for the new home she and her son will soon move into. 


“It’s so much more than I could have ever dreamed of,” said Moore. With three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, utility room and large bathroom, the home has everything a new homeowner needs. 


Moore is the newest Habitat for Humanity homeowner in the Mt. Vernon community. Through Habitat for Humanity, participants contribute over 300 hours of sweat equity, and in return, receive a new home with a 25-year, zero-interest mortgage. Habitat for Humanity and corporate sponsor support keeps monthly mortgage payments manageable for recipients.


CountryMark was the sponsor on the Moore’s home. In 2011, CountryMark announced it would match all contribution up to $55,000 to build two Habitat for Humanity homes in Mt. Vernon. The community took the challenge and enough funds were raised to build homes in 2013 for two Mt. Vernon families – Reverend Myers and Anna Hyman, as well as Danielle Moore and her son Jaden. 


“Working side-by-side with Danielle in building this home has been a great experience for everyone involved,” said CountryMark Vice President of Operations Pat Ward, who was one of many CountryMark employees who spent Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons this past fall building the Moore’s Home. 


 “There is nothing like the positive feeling after your shift is completed,” said Ward. “It’s the combination of being physically exhausted and knowing what you are doing is going to benefit the entire community and specifically a deserving family, like Danielle’s.”


CountryMark employee Brenda Falb echoed Ward’s comments. 


“We really had a great time building this house with Danielle,” said Falb. “My co-workers and I care a lot about Mt. Vernon, and it just makes us so proud to drive down Second Street and see the Habitat for Humanity homes we have worked on together.” 


The last words of the evening came from Danielle’s excited nine-year-old son, Jaden, who offered a guided home tour to everybody at the home dedication. 


“I’m going to put my bed right here,” Jaden said proudly as he drew an imaginary rectangle next to the window in his new bedroom. 


Since 1984, Habitat for Humanity of Evansville has been building homes for families in need in Vanderburgh and Posey counties. To date, more than 425 homes in these two counties have been built. 




Danielle Moore (center) and her son Jaden are Mt. Vernon’s newest recipients of a Habitat for Humanity Home. Attending the dedication were CountryMark employees (pictured left to right) Dennis Rueger, Brenda Falb, Larry Moore and Pat Ward.

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