Mileage Increases 4.8% with CountryMark PDR

Nov 15 2013

Kenny Mitchell of Vincennes, Indiana, kept hearing on the radio that he could get more miles per gallon with CountryMark fuel, so he put CountryMark’s Premium Diesel-R to the test.  


Kenny’s previous fuel brand consistently went 15.5 miles on a gallon of fuel. His first tank of CountryMark PDR delivered 16.25 miles per gallon. That’s a 4.8% increase in fuel mileage.


“After I calculated what I spent on each fuel and the mileage each fuel delivered, I was able to determine I saved $2.37 per fill up with CountryMark PDR,” said Mitchell. 


Better fuel mileage. Better value. Get more per gallon with CountryMark premium diesel fuel.

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