CountryMark donation rocks!

Dec 10 2014

An igneous rock discovered during an oil drill in southern Illinois was donated to the University of Southern Indiana by CountryMark. 

“Rocks like this one have been reported in the area since the 1950s, but they are exceedingly susceptible to weathering,” said Dr. Tony Maria, associate professor of geology. “I have searched for many outcrop localities, mostly in southern Illinois, that were described several decades ago, and found none. This core is special because it samples the entire width of the intrusion and because it is as un-weathered as you can get, as if it was just drilled out of the Earth.” 

Maria plans to study the core in collaboration with faculty members and students. 

“This core represents a tremendous learning experience for potentially many students,” he said. “With some hard work, we should be able to make significant contributions to our understanding of the mantle and melting events associated with rifting in the New Madrid Fault region.”

Premium Fuel Comes with Premium Benefits
As consumers we are bombarded by marketing campaigns claiming bigger and better products, and services that offer to simplify and improve our daily lives. Oftentimes, it is difficult to sift through the clutter as to what is factual and what is a half-truth marketing claim set out to confuse or convince us into purchasing products or services we may not necessarily need.
CountryMark Fuels Power the Indiana State Fair
The 2018 Indiana State Fair will run from August 3-19 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. During this 17-day fair, the tractor shuttles will be powered by CountryMark's Premium Dieselex-4, and the antique tractors will be powered by CountryMark PLUS gasoline. Both CountryMark fuel products are being delivered by Co-Alliance.
CountryMark Fueling Freedom Events Raised more than $62K for Military Families
CountryMark's Fueling Freedom events on June 22 raised more than $62,000 to support local National Guard Family Readiness Groups.
Fueling Freedom celebrates 10th anniversary on June 22
On Friday, June 22, thirty-nine CountryMark fuel stations across the Midwest will host Fueling Freedom, an event dedicated to supporting local military families.
CountryMark recognizes outstanding energy professionals
CountryMark recently honored five energy professionals for outstanding performance and leadership during the annual CountryMark Awards Banquet hosted in Indianapolis on Saturday, November 18

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