CountryMark Introduces New Polyurea Grease

Mar 12 2015

For customers looking for a superior lubrication product that offers enhanced protection in a variety of hostile environments, CountryMark has announced the launch of its new Advantage™ Polyurea Grease. The new product is a versatile and tough grease for agricultural, construction, and industrial applications.  


“We believe that our customers will be very pleased with this new grease,” said Dennis Mungle, CountryMark lubricants manager. “It has been tested extensively under a variety of grueling conditions, and has proven its value in terms of being extremely robust and versatile, lasting 3 to 5 times longer than conventional greases. It is especially good around wet environments, and is also easy to dispense from onboard lubrication systems. Bottom line, this means longer-lasting grease with reduced operating costs, extended equipment life with less downtime, and more convenience for our customers. ”

The new grease is available from CountryMark branded dealers located in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Although CountryMark and its dealers are cooperatives, anyone can purchase CountryMark products. 

He also said that CountryMark has developed and released its new grease in response to recommendations made by agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers, including John Deere. That company is now recommending polyurea-thickened greases for its farm equipment and construction lines over conventional lithium-thickened greases, based on many years of field-proven, hands-on experience, for the most severe conditions of agricultural and construction service.

Polyurea-thickened greases have proven effective in wide variety of farm and construction applications, providing long-term protection from rust corrosion and wear on moving parts. Deere also uses polyurea grease in difficult factory-fill applications, such as on the inside bearing of the torque sensing unit on combines. Other common polyurea grease applications include heavily-loaded ball and roller bearings, steering racks, U-joints, ball and socket or other articulation joints, pin and bushings and other accessory attachment configurations that require heavy-duty protection.

In industrial applications, polyurea-thickened grease has shown its effectiveness in sealed-for-life applications such as electric motors and automotive wheel bearings. Operating temperatures in these applications can frequently reach 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly stressing conventional grease thickeners. However polyurea-based grease offers protection to temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, which make it extremely desirable. Polyurea-based grease also offers outstanding resistance to oxidation, due to its completely metal-free composition.

Another application where polyurea-based grease has demonstrated its merit is with constant velocity joints (CVJs). CVJs are torque-transmitting couplings in which the input and output shafts have the same velocity. Rotary cutters, like Bush Hogs, use CVJs. In these applications, polyurea-based grease has shown outstanding results in terms of standing up under high temperatures, and providing excellent oxidation resistance and reduced lubricant starvation.  

“CountryMark has always had a goal of offering the very best in petroleum products and lubricants to our customers,” said Mungle. “I’m sure this new polyurea-based grease will proudly continue that tradition across a variety of applications.”

The new polyurea grease will join CountryMark’s current lineup of premium and high-quality Advantage grease products, including Multi-Purpose Grease, High Temperature Grease, Superior Performance Grease, Extreme Tacky Grease, and Semi-Fluid Grease.


To order any of CountryMark's grease, lubricant or fuel products, contact your local CountryMark branded dealer

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