CountryMark wins prestigious Wildcatter Award for new oil discovery

Apr 22 2015

Pictured left to right are Countrymark Energy Resources Team Members Brian Pope, Bryant Garibay, David Sawyer, Kathy Lloyd, Michael Payne and George Morgan. 


Countrymark Energy Resources, LLC, based in Evansville has been named the Wildcatter of the Year by the Illinois Oil and Gas Association.

The Wildcatter is the IOGA’s most prestigious honor and it is given out once a year at the association’s annual meeting. The honor is given to the operator with the most significant new discovery the prior year.

Brad Richards, IOGA Executive Vice President, said CountryMark was a front runner for the award based on its discovery and development of new production at the Southwest Roland Unit in White County, Illinois. 

CountryMark drilled a total of 14 wells in 2014 on the Southwest Roland Unit, including one injection well since the initial discovery. Oil accumulations from June 2014 through February 2015 were over 102,000 barrels of crude oil. CountryMark has permitted 25 additional locations and has plans to drill at least 10 new wells in 2015.

Michael Payne, CountryMark Field Operations Manager, said the discovery has increased CountryMark’s daily oil production and increased cash flow. He said there was also an increase in company reserves, which is oil to be produced from these wells in the future, providing additional projects and potential discoveries in 2015.

“Winning this award was a major honor,” Payne said. “The recipient of the award is selected by peers in the industry who look at the most significant oil discoveries or developments in Illinois over the past year.  It is kind of a barometer of the continuing success of the Illinois Basin oil industry.”

Payne said this discovery is not the only thing that sets CountryMark apart from others in the industry. 

“In the Illinois Basin, we are the only fully integrated oil company,” said Payne. “We’re involved in oil exploration, production, refining and logistics. Because of this level of integration, we manage crude oil and fuel quality every step of the way.” 

Payne also noted that CountryMark employees are trained to be very focused on production metrics, and have experienced field personnel who know how to get things done in a fast-paced work environment.

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