Ethanol-free gasoline now available at 23 CountryMark gas stations

May 01 2015

CountryMark’s ethanol-free gasoline is ideal for boats, 2-cycle engines, and seasonally driven vehicles.


Three CountryMark fuel stations announced this month that they will begin offering ethanol-free gasoline. The CountryMark stations are located on Touby Pike in Kokomo, Kercher Road in Goshen and County Road 250 West in Warsaw. This brings the total number of CountryMark fuel sites now carrying ethanol-free fuel to 23. 

“Whether you're driving a vehicle seasonally, boating or powering a 2-cycle engine, ethanol-free fuel is easy on your engine and delivers the most efficient power – leading to more miles per gallon for vehicles, and more hours per gallon for small engines and boats,” said CountryMark Vice President of Marketing Jon Lantz.


In addition to being ethanol free, CountryMark’s 91 PLUS gasoline also features a TOP TIER detergency package. Additional fuel detergency keeps engines running smoothly, improves engine performance and reduces vehicle emissions. The higher octane rating of 91 works hand-in-hand with the optimized detergency package to deliver a fuel that keeps engines running smoothly and more efficiently.

“CountryMark is one of the largest suppliers of ethanol-free gasoline in the Midwest,” said Lantz. “We recognize one fuel doesn’t fit all needs, which is why we carry ethanol-blended fuels as well as ethanol-free fuels. These fueling options help our customers make better fuel buying decisions and experience better fuel performance.” 

Using ethanol-blended fuels to power boats, two-cycle engines or cars that are not driven regularly can damage the engine.

Ethanol, made from corn, has been combined with gasoline for years in a mixture of roughly 10 percent, called E10. The larger engines in cars can tolerate this ratio. But in smaller engines, it can corrode metal parts, stiffen plastic and rubber in seals and tubing, and make starting harder. Ethanol is an alcohol that can draw water into the engine, which can compound potential for trouble.

Vehicles driven seasonally also benefit from ethanol-free fuel. 

“This is because ethanol attracts water and holds it in suspension,” said Lantz. “Although the amount of water that can be drawn in from ethanol-blended fuel probably isn’t enough to cause performance issues, it is enough water that, when held in suspension for extended periods, can cause steel fuel lines and tanks to rust from the inside.”

For a complete list of CountryMark’s fuel stations that carry ethanol-free gasoline, visit our retail locator map and click the boxes labeled “ethanol-free” and “show all stations.” 

Click here to learn more about TOP TIER gasoline certification. 

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