General information about the portal:


Phase 1 – Questions


Who will be able to access the portal?


Owners and operators with owner numbers that receive payments for First Purchases of crude oil through Division Orders and have a valid email setup on their account. 


What if I have multiple owner number accounts?


If you have multiple owner numbers, you must have an email on each account. The accounts will be linked together for you to access if the email addresses are the same.


When will we be able to access the portal?


The end of February 2020.


How will the owners be notified of the portal?


If you have an email on your account currently, an email will be sent to you from the end of February 2020.  This email will have a link and code that will connect you to setup your account.


Can I also visit CountryMark’s website to setup my account?


Yes by the end of February, 2020.   Or visit and select “login”.  Then select the option for the Owner Relations Portal for Crude Oil.


What all can I access on the portal?


First Phase -Change mailing address, electronic deposit bank information, add email addresses, telephone numbers, and payment remittance advices, send requests for documents and retrieve them. 

Second Phase will be 1099’s, Electronic signature Division Orders and other documents.



What if I receive an email and I am no longer a CM recipient of payments


Email and advise so we can mark inactive account.


I continue to call Division Orders or the Owner Relations Portal numbers and no response?


Visit our website first for questions.  You can also email which is the  desired method of communication of CountryMark and most effective.  Calling multiple times will not increase our response time.


Why does the portal require a primary email account be designated?


If there is one email account on file in our records, it will automatically be the primary email.  If multiple email accounts, one of them must be granted authority to add or change emails in the future.  All emails on your account will be able to access the same information for the owner number.  Email for further instructions.


What if the portal states “not a valid email or not on file”?


See CountryMark website FAQ  or Email  to provide an email address.   You cannot access the portal without an email on file.


Once I have signed up for the portal, will I still continue to receive emails for payment remittance advices?  Currently yes, but we plan to change to one option in the near future since you can obtain and print these documents from the portal at your convenience.


I do not have a computer and do not want this technology?


Find a family member to assist you or visit your local library.  CM is changing the way we do business in order to provide more prompt owner relations type service.



Am I required to use the Owner Relation portal? 


Not currently but in the very near future this will be the required method of changing accounts.


How do I inform CM of the email removal?


Visit CM website FAQ or email


When Phase 2 is released, what can the operators expect?


Change mailing address, emails, telephone numbers that pertain to the operator master file only.  Payment profiles are in phase 1 in the


Oil run statements, Division Of Interest for Advalorem Tax Reporting, Operator Expense Reports, and Distribution by Property.



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