Senate Bill 303: A Pro-Ethanol Bill

Indiana is a pro-ethanol state. We always have been. As Hoosiers, we also understand the value of common sense, legislation that is transparent and laws that protect our citizens and those who visit our state.

Indiana Senate Bill 303 updates our state’s definition of gasohol and clears a path for 15 percent ethanol-blended fuels to be made available at fueling stations across our state. SB 303 will support increased ethanol blending today and will pave the way for higher efficiency liquid fuels that are needed in the future to drive our state’s economy.

Today, gasohol is defined by our state as any blend of gasoline that contains up to 10% ethanol. Meanwhile, gasoline blends with 15 percent ethanol, also known as Unleaded 88 and E15, are sweeping the nation. To be able to legally offer this fuel in our state year round, this legislation must be passed.

Senate Bill 303, if passed, would also require fuel dispensers offering E15 to include a label encouraging consumers to check their owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty requirements. And while E15 is a great energy product, it cannot be used in all gasoline-powered engines. It is in the best interest of the citizens of this state and those who visit our state to have the facts they need to make the best possible fueling decision. No one wants their product to fail.

Senate Bill 303 is good for Indiana, good for our citizens and good for Indiana agriculture. SB 303 has CountryMark’s full support 



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